Don't Let The Office Shredder Put Your Organization At Risk

Sat, 03/23/2013 - 22:19 -- master

5 Reasons Why You Should Dump Your Office Shredder And Hire A Shredding Service

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Office Shredders Are Not Secure

When employees handle their own document shredding even the most security-conscientious can leave stacks of confidential documents on their desks or next to the shredder, because they’re too busy to shred them in a timely manner. While others will simply toss them in the recycling bin when no one’s watching, just to avoid the hassle. These practices violate every safeguard regulation by exposing vital information that can be accessed by a number of high-risk groups including, disgruntled employees, minimum wage employees, deliverymen business associates and visitors.

Office Shredders Can Cost Twice As Much As A Shredding Service

Small businesses that operate an office shredder spend, on average, 15 minutes of staff time each and every day, shredding confidential documents. When you consider the average hourly wage, plus benefits and factor in depreciation and maintenance costs on the shredder, it costs over $95 per month to operate an office shredder. That's nearly twice as much as our regularly scheduled, on-site shredding pickup service.

Office Shredders Can Leave You Vulnerable In Audits And Lawsuits

Irregular shredding practices. That's the charge an auditor or lawyer can make when they discover your organization uses an office shredder. Why? Because in-house shredding programs don't adhere to a regular shredding schedule and they don't provide adequate documentation of what's been shredded, when it's been shredded or by whom. So when a question arises as to when and why a particular piece of information was shredded, organizations without documentation are susceptible to severe fines.

Office Shredders Are A Safety Hazard

In the last five years there have been more than 50 reports of injuries from office shredders, including lacerations and lost fingers. And while these cases are isolated, office shredders have sharp blades that can injure someone if they're not careful. Additionally, office shredders produce paper, plastic and metal dust fragments when left unchecked can get into the air ducts and create a fire hazard.

Office Shredders Make A Big Mess

Even though "shredder mess" is not a risk factor, it's still something that you'll have to deal with if you use an office shredder. Fragments of paper will fall onto the floor while dust builds up on the shredder, the shredder table and the floor.