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What types of shredding services do you offer?

We offer both on-site shredding and plant-based shredding.

What is on-site shredding?

Destruction that occurs at the customer's address, where the customer has an option to witness the destruction process.

What is plant-based shredding?

Destruction that occurs at the service providers enclosed secure facility and only with fixed equipment designed solely for plant-based destruction, where the customer has the option to witness the destruction process.

What is off-site shredding?

Destruction that occurs at a location other than the customer's address, where the customer does not witness the process and the actual shredding location is unknown.

With off-site shredding, do you think my documents will be secure?

No, that is why we provide a plant-based shredding service.

How does the shredding process work?

With on-site shredding, all your confidential materials are shredded on our mobile shredding trucks, at your facility. With plant-based shredding, we pick up your confidential materials, secure them in locked containers on our trucks and then bring everything back to our plant. There your materials are shredded in a timely manner by our certified employees, while the entire process is recorded by our CCTV video monitor system. 

How often will you service our facility?

Before we begin we will consult with you to determine whether you require shredding services daily, weekly, monthly or on an on call basis. Our schedules are not set in stone they can be modified to accommodate your needs at anytime.

What if I only need a one-time shred?

We service clients who use us just once, as well as those who need to shred regularly.

What other materials can you destroy besides paper?

We use powerful shredding trucks that will shred almost anything. We routinely destroy paper clips, staples, books, binders, CDs, hard drives, plastics, magnetic or optical media and fabrics.

Why should I use a shredding service instead of our office shredder?

When you consider employee wages and benefits, then factor in depreciation and maintenance costs on your shredder, it can cost over $95 per month to operate an office shredder. That’s almost twice as much as our shredding service…and cost isn’t even the most important reason to dump your office shredder.

Why can’t I just use a recycler for our expired documents?

Most recyclers do not shred your confidential information. Instead, they transport in-tact documents overseas, where they are often vulnerable to unauthorized access. If you’re concerned about the environment, please remember that we recycle 100% of your documents after they are securely destroyed.

What types of security containers do you provide?

We offer a 95 gallon, a 64 gallon and a 32 gallon executive console.

What can we put in the security containers?

You can put any color or type of paper, paper clips, staples, rubber bands, labels and file tabs into our security containers.

Do you charge for the security containers?

Yes we will provide security containers to you at no cost.

How much do you charge for your services?

It depends on how many security bins you require as well as the service frequency. But our shredding services are less expensive than most people think. Call us for an exact quote.

Why don’t you charge by the minute, like other shredding companies?

Think about it. When you pay by the minute, you’re actually giving the shredding company incentive to move slowly. Our high-tech equipment can shred up to four times faster than our “pay-by-the-minute” competitors. That means we can service a lot more customers per hour than the other guys and pass the savings on to you.

Do you offer any documentation that our materials were shredded?

Yes. Once your documents are shredded, we issue you a certified Certificate of Destruction for your records.

What is NAID?

NAID stands for the National Association for Information Destruction. They are a non-profit association dedicated to the advancement, professionalism, and high ethical standards of the information destruction industry.

Are you a NAID member?

Yes. Absolute Shredding is a proud member in good standing with the National Association for Information Destruction. Additionally, our President, Michael Avignone has earned a CSDS certification from NAID, one of only 68 NAID members (an organization with over 1,000 member companies) to do so.

What is CSDS Certification?

NAID created the CSDS accreditation to promote and acknowledge a comprehensive understanding of the broad range of disciplines related to secure destruction. The CSDS Certification examination consists of 230 questions from 7 separate areas and it is so comprehensive that on average, only 75% of the information security professionals that take the exam actually earn CSDS Certification. This accreditation is the highest individual achievement in our industry.