How To Choose The Right Shredding Company

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Don’t Hire Any Shredding Company Until You’ve Asked Them These Ten Revealing Questions

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What type of shredding services do you offer?


There are two types of secure shredding services; on-site and plant-based shredding. On-site shredding means all confidential materials are shredded on-site, at your location. Plant-based shredding means that all material is brought back to the company’s facility for shredding. If your organization wants to witness the shredding process without having to visit the shredding company’s facility, then choose a company that offers on-site shredding. If you’re looking for a more cost-effective option, then plant-based shredding is your best choice.

Absolute Shredding offers both on-site and plant-based shredding and the option to witness the entire process.

Do you offer proof that you actually perform employee background checks?

All shredding companies will say they perform employee background checks. But why take their word for it? Ask for proof that an independent auditor has reviewed both the background checks and drug tests of all shredding company employees that will come in contact with confidential information.Absolute Shredding provides each potential customer, written documentation of background checks and drug tests, of every single member of our organization.

Do you bale shredded paper in your own plant?

Few shredding companies bale their own paper. After they shred your confidential information they have no choice but to hand it off to an uncertified recycling company…some of whom actually sell your shredded paper to the highest bidder as packing material.Absolute Shredding controls your confidential information throughout the entire process by baling your shredded paper right in our own plant.

Do you offer an “On Time or We Shred For Free” service guarantee?

CUSTOMER SERVICEYou can’t afford to hire a shredding company that misses your pickup day. Because that means your security containers may be overflowing, putting your confidential information at risk. Insist that your shredding company offers an “On Time or We Shred For Free” service guarantee.Absolute Shredding offers an “On-Time or We Shred For Free” Service Guarantee. If we miss your on-going service appointment, we’ll shred your confidential information for free.

Do you offer “On-Call Shredding”?

On-call shredding means that you just call whenever you need service. There are no regularly scheduled pickups and no monthly fees. That’s why most shredding companies refuse to offer this service. But if you’re not sure you’ll generate enough paper for a monthly pickup, why choose a shredding company that does not offer an on-call service option?Absolute Shredding offers both on-call and regularly scheduled shredding services.

What kind of insurance protection do you provide?

Shredding companies provide general liability insurance to protect their customers in the unlikely event that confidential documents fall into the wrong hands. However, most limit this protection to $1,000,000. Make sure your shredding company provides at least $2,000,000 in general liability insurance.Absolute Shredding exceeds industry standards with general liability insurance coverage of $3,000,000!

Can you guarantee that you will never raise your prices?

COSTMost shredding companies will quote you a low, low entry price just to get your business and then slam you with price increases year after year.Absolute Shredding has a Lifetime Price Freeze Guarantee. Simply stated the low per-bin price you’re paying today will never increase, for any reason, for as long you remain our customer.

Are there any hidden charges?

Some shredding companies will quote you a low, low price and then slam you with hidden fees like fuel surcharges, security fees and pick up fees. Other shredding companies charge by the minute to shred your documents. So you’re actually paying them to go slow. Get an exact quote in writing and always ask if there are any additional charges. Absolute Shredding provides our services for a low fee, with no hidden charges.

Do you offer a Free Annual Bulk Shred to your on-going service customers?

All on-going shredding service customers need to shred outdated, stored documents on an annual basis. Yet few shredding companies give any bulk shred discount to these valued customers.Absolute Shredding rewards our on-going service customers with a Free Annual Bulk Shred of at least 20 standard banker boxes.

Will you guarantee that your on-going service will save us at least 40% over the cost of operating our office shredder?

It’s easy for a shredding company to claim that their on-going service will save you money over the cost of operating your office shredder, but few will ever guarantee your savings.Absolute Shredding guarantees that you will save at least 40% with our on-going service. If after 30 days you don’t feel we’ve met your expectations for savings, just call to           cancel the service and we won’t charge you a thing.